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    APRIL SHOWERS Boy Scout Motto: Be Prepared. With my wool socks on and my drysuit in hand I headed out the door to float the Missouri River from Narrows Park down to Harrah’s parking lot. Although the weather was poor the float was awesome. Especially approaching the pedestrian bridge as Omaha’s downtown skyscrapers […]

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Driftwood will be at the Health Expo next weekend showin the peeps how to paddleboard and get involved with all the trips we offer. Paul will be giving a seminar Sunday morning 10am in seminar room #3 entitled “Introduction to the Exercise Benefits of Paddleboarding and Exploring Omaha’s Waterways”. Make sure to check in on our kiosks […]

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With the steel horse secured down tightly in the Element and the paddleboard tightly wrapped in its winter storage bag I mosied on down to Fremont, Nebraska for an afternoon adventure down the Elkhorn River. Having never floated the Elkhorn I didn’t know what to expect. After seeing a Bald Eagle five minutes into the […]